Direct TV Dealers

Direct TV Dealers

Direct tv dealers

We recommend having your receiver and satellite dish antenna professionally installed. (Check with DIRECTV or your local DIRECTV retailer for information on current installation promotions, as prices may vary.) Confirm prices with your installer before installation. Make sure you inform the installer that you have a DIRECTV™ Receiver with UltimateTV® service and that you will need two separate connections from your receiver to the satellite dish antenna. To prepare for professional installation of your satellite dish antenna and DIRECTV Receiver, follow these steps: Make sure that you have both your receiver and a dish antenna before your installation appointment. Figure out where you want your receiver to be placed, and determine which direction is south from your home. The dish antenna must be placed where it can "see" the southern sky; make sure no trees or other obstacles are in the way. If it seems like a very long cable (more than 100 feet) will be needed to reach from the antenna to the receiver, tell this to the installer when you schedule your appointment. Remind the installer that you need to have two separate connections from the dual-LNB satellite dish antenna to the two satellite inputs on your receiver. Therefore, the installer will need to bring two cables. Identify the telephone and AC power jacks nearest to the planned location for your receiver. Remember that your receiver will need to be connected to a telephone jack at all times. After the receiver is installed, remember to ask for activation of the UltimateTV service in addition to your DIRECTV® programming package.

Other Direct TV Dealers

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Dish TV Dealers

The only way for you to determine the price differentials on offer is to click on the links for the direct tv dish merchants which we have listed above. These links Direct TV Dealers will take you directly to their website where you will be able to compare their online products with those in normal Direct TV Dealers. We definitely think they are worth a visit.

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